Sabtu, 17 Februari 2018

blessed be the iced latte

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Before I was even ready to place my order, the coffee shop guy guessed my favorite beverage correctly already. As I stood there surprised, he delivered an overwhelmingly warm smile. Little did I know, the sweet sweet event would later send me to some sleepless, endless nights.

So, what happened?
As you may have guessed, I got this funny feeling in my gut. However, it felt ridiculous and misplaced, because, well, he was just doing what he's supposed to be doing. It felt wrong, because he has every opportunity to remember what a regular customer with regular order wants even before she reached the check out counter. There is no place for funny feelings in this scene.

But still, a delicate soul like mine felt loved and noticed and taken care of.. in a way.

After spending a good amount of laughter with my friends, I went home at quarter to midnight. It was chilly because it has been raining all day. I kept thinking about the guy. I really wanted to just call it a day, but in a situation like this, you'll be surprised how incredibly fast feelings creeping up into your soul.

And here's where things got gloomy.
As I reached my bed, I realized I had been feeling sad and scared all the way from the coffee shop. As much as your confusion reading this, trust me it's more complicated in my head at the moment. My thoughts were so noisy I couldn't hear any explanation coming from my logic.

Finally, in cold eerie hours, I came to the realization that being scared opening up for a new love is a real story.

It's not about falling in love with the coffee shop guy.
It's about how a tiny amount of love like that scared the hell out of me.
It's about me sensing this very familiar scent of happiness that might leads to another broken heart and misery.

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