Sabtu, 17 Agustus 2013


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so i'm doing this script thingy, but my timeline is really a distracting bi**h. 

haha what happen?

i really can't NOT pretend his tweets are for meeeh

that sucks. well... what did he say? you know, when you told me that story this afternoon i feel so bad for him. why don't you just tweet : so he can't pretend like it's not for him too.

HEY YOU JUST CREATED THE GRETEST IDEA FOR THIS EPIC SAD LOVE STORY.. i hate him for that too.. well, so i tweeted "others are puzzles, puzzling me. i'll just focus on you". then his tweet showed up and i felt dizzy. check it by yourself, pls

heemm sorry to say, buddy, but i don't think  he's good for you if he doesn't respect you as a girl who's in love with him. you know what i mean? those other girls? there shouldn't be another girl if he knew there's someone who's waiting.

well, you know.. **** told me that *** **** told her that he like to make fun around.. thousand times i think and maybe hope that he's just trying to be nice with those girls.. i really can't help struggling everytime i remember the way he looked at me (don't you dare to laugh) and all the things happened all these years. things like.. everything he did and said where he possibly wont do if there's "nothing"

i know, i know, i totally understand. but you need to start to think about yourself too. i think you gave too much but take too little. you see? he could've end your struggle but he didn't. he left you struggling. alone. i don't know.. i just think that's just too.. heartless.

Makassar, 17 Agustus 2013
just another convos of a brain user and an owner of a dizzy heart

i'm sorry if i get you wrong.

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