Rabu, 13 Maret 2013

What should i name this? Upper life? Ergh.

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Here's the thing. I have friends, many friends. Different attitudes, different social levels. Some amazed me by their humble life, some by their glittering world.
Here's another thing. Sometimes when i get lost in some glittery places, i feel.. jealous. Kinda never thanked for all i've got in my entire life.
And that's the time i want my daddy suddenly just pop up next to me.
Why is it so?
Once my daddy said "don't look at the upper life. Thank to God for all you have."
nb : sorry for the longest post title on earth. It's a midnight post, you know. If you know what i mean. Ok, i don't think you know what i mean. Okay. Stop. Bye.
Makassar, march 13 2013
On bed, figuring out why on earth i posted this kind of writing.

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