Rabu, 24 Oktober 2012

feels like home

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wed, 24 oct 201, 3 : 48 pm
rahmanazz : bagaimanapun, saya akan tetap kembali ke dunia plurkie ini. twitter is great, but it's warmer here

wed, 24 oct 2012, 3 : 50 pm
rahmanazz : for me, twitter is just like a black and white world. so mesmerizing at first, but it's getting colder and boring each day. and.. dunno.. it seems so fake.

wed, 24 oct 2012, 3 : 52 pm
rahmanazz : but i don't think i can recall the warmth i used to get in plurk. people moved to twitter and never come back. what a shame.

wed, 24 oct 2012, 3 : 54 pm
rahmanazz : and oh, i just posted three updates at almost the same time. so tweety, huh?

wed, 24 oct 2012, 4 : 00 pm
rahmanazz : so i wish you're back. soon. you know i have to stop rereading our cute past long convos. so please. i have a lot of things to laugh about with you. :) please..

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