Selasa, 31 Agustus 2010

got to see you soon

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remembering her shadows and memories makes me sick. but i can't ever imagine how i could live this life without remembering her in my every breath. she has been my best part of my life. she is spreading around my heart, running through my veins.

beside that, this question spins around my head everytime : why should she go?

in these crazy times, how could i live without you, friend?

there are just so many silly things happened in this silly life.

and i TRULY, PERFECTLY got to see you soon

come to me, friend

*saya bukan jenis orang yang dekat dengan almarhumah di masa hidupnya, hanya saja tulisan ini numpang lewat di siang bolong setelah ulangan harian matematika. -,-

a twist in my story

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